A Loaf Of Stale Bread Has Never Looked So Cool

The Mysterious Mysteries Of Paranormality By Mister Sharp

Pictures of a suppose ET (via. CSETI)

Black Eyed Kid (via. Mysterious Universe)

Ghost Story?

Not many people know this, but I actually had a ghastly experience of my own back in 1997. I was getting ready for … See More bed. My mom was with me, she was watching tv while knitting. I wasn’t interested in watching what she was watching, so I asked her if I could changed the channel. She said yes, so I reached out for the control and from the corner of my eye I saw faint green glow being emitted from the kitchen. I turned to see what it was. What I saw was a green hovering emotionless face just floating on top of the kitchen table. I immediately led out a girlish squeal! My mom asked me what was wrong. I was speechless. She kept on asking me “what was wrong” and all I did was point towards the kitchen. It had vanish. Until this day, I still have no ideas what it was….

Could of been anything.

A Video of the Ghostbusters Theme Song covered by Hoobastank. The only Hoobastink song I will ever like. EVER.