Currently watching this bad boy.

Currently watching this bad boy.

Goldfrapp have always traded on a high-gloss anachronistic bliss. On their new video for Head First single “Alive” they’ve taken that aesthetic to an all-time high, creating a solid-gold, Olivia Newton-John in the underworld clip. Enjoy the ghoulishly delightful video below…legwarmers optional.” (Via. Undertheradar)

 Filled with the a cult, Goths, leg warmers, and vampires. It doesn’t get better that this folks.

Blood Energy Potion


I guess this energy drink is capitalizing on all the TrueBlood/Twilight crap. Where did this vampire love trend come from? What a bunch of dark, depressed pussies these kids today are.

It’s an energy drink in a pouch that resembles an IV bag. I guess it’s cool. If you like gross things or want to be trendy.

I can’t wait to see what’s the next big thing for the next generation of kids. Sniffing shit and piss maybe? Oh wait…

The Gayest Lines to Have ever been Spoken By A Vampire

  • Vampire Douche: Here you dropped this
  • (Hands the diary to the Hot Chick)
  • ...Don't worry I didn't read it or anything.
  • Hot Chick: Most people would of.
  • (Awkward pause)
  • Vampire Douche: I wouldn't want anyone reading mine
  • Hot Chick: You have one?
  • Vampire Douche: Yes. I have bad a memory. Memories are to precious to forget.
  • Me screaming at the Screen: FAGGOT!